"we're on a mission to replace everyday plastic with smart, sustainable solutions that are easy to use and accessible to  everyone."

At 3greenmoms, we believe that if we can make a difference, anyone can.

It’s hard to get everything right. Being healthy, raising kids, taking care of others - all while maintaining an ambitious work-life balance and finding time to volunteer sounds exhausting (and we can confirm that it is!). But one thing every mom knows is the power that small everyday actions have to make a big difference. And if green choices are simple, fun and expressive at the same time, then it’s more than just easy to be greener - it’s energizing. That’s the way movements for social change gain momentum. What’s even more exciting is that this kind of change can be shared between parents, caregivers and kids, creating a ripple effect - a legacy to be passed down for generations to come.

Talk about a great investment! Our products have the potential to keep hundreds, if not thousands of plastic bags out of our landfills, our oceans and most importantly, our future. 


•Keeps billions of plastic bags out of our landfills, our oceans and our future
  (1 Billion as of 2015).
•1 LunchSkin bag = 500+ single use plastic bags.
•Uses minimal, recycled, packaging.

Healthy & Toxin Free

•Certified as lead, BPA and Phthalate FREE.
•Certified Food Safe.
•Promotes healthy choices and healthy habits for children and families.

Making a difference

•Partners with 5Gyres, Healthy Child  Healthy World, North American Association for
   Environmental Education (NAAEE), Girls on the Run, Turning Green and many other
   mission-driven organizations.
•Creates one give-back bag per year: 2016 Sea Turtle Bag
•Donates 10% of the proceeds from our ‘cause’ bag to select mission partners.
•Features a “Did you know?” postcard inside each Bag to educate and inform.
•Inspires the next generation to think about how daily choices affect our environment,
   our health and our future.
•Supports environmental education and sustainable solutions in schools.